Siberian Husky Puppies Pure Breed with PCCI and med record in Los Baños, Calabarzon for sale

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Siberian husky puppies for sale
Male 5: Blue eyes, gray/white [SOLD]
Male 1: Brown Eyes, gray/white
Male 2: Brown Eyes, gray/white [RESERVED]
Male 3: Brown Eyes, gray/white
Male 4: Brown Eyes, gray/white
Date of birth: Nov. 3, 2017
- Open for reservation (for a fee)
- With papers/PCCI and Medical Records
Additional information: Some siberian huskies lose their masks when they reach adult stage but the sire of these puppies maintained his mask as seen on the picture. Litters of this particular sire maintained their masks through adulthood.
Youtube video id: 9Gq05CwDs3w (just search this on youtube)